Local gym offers fun fitness options with belly dancing and aerial hoop classes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The first full week of January 2017 is nearly in the books, and many of us resolved to be fitter in the new year, so News13 Now explored fun ways to be active and work toward your fitness goals. That’s how we found local gym, Wicked Fitness, which offers things like twerking, belly dancing and aerial hoop classes. News13 anchors, Erica Edwards and Matt Gittins, went to Wicked Fitness to test out some of the classes.

First up: the aerial hoop. Instructor, Ashley Spalding, says the aerial work is a new class that lets you feel like a kid on a playground. “You’re not thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, I have 15 more minutes on this treadmill, I’m going to die, what can I possibly distract myself with?'” Spalding says you don’t need to have any experience, but does recommend you first have the ability to hold up your body weight.

Next, Erica and Matt experimented with belly dancing. Spalding says belly dancing works with muscle isolation. She says anyone can belly dance, adding it’s a workout that can vary in intensity.

To learn more about Wicked Fitness or the classes it offers go to wickedfitness.net or call (877) 751-2992.