SCDOT statewide storm report

SOUTH CAROLINA (Press Release) – SCDOT has been working in the affected areas of the upstate Saturday to ensure all roadways and bridges remained open and passable.

Precipitation has ended statewide with the biggest impact in Anderson, Cherokee, Greenville, Oconee, Pickens, Spartanburg and western York counties.

Crews will be working through the night in affected areas to continue the application of de-icing materials. Conditions of all interstates are good.

Caution is advised for sections of primary and secondary routes as wet conditions could change to black ice rapidly in the very frigid temperatures tonight. SCDOT crews will continue to remove snow and ice and treat affected areas overnight.

The following employees and equipment have been active and the following materials already applied to the roadways:

1,336 Maintenance employees actively involved with road operations

6,028 Tons of Salt (cumulative total)

532 Tons of Sand (cumulative total)

12,120 Gallons of calcium chloride

790,118 Gallons of salt brine

459 Pieces of equipment in use

All routes are being monitored for ice potential. Crews are applying salt to any interstate and other critical bridges and spots showing icing potential.

Other personnel are inspecting roads and working to eliminate standing water that may create refreezing problems.

All counties and the district office are currently staffed. Shifts for Maintenance units are from 12 to 12 both am and pm covering all 24 hours each day. District staff is on shifts from 8 to 8 both am and pm covering 24 hours. Shifts may be cut back to more limited numbers once all road sections are under control with reduced risk to the public.

The SCDOT Customer Service Center will close at 7PM and reopen on Sunday at 7AM. The State Traffic Management Center is operational.

The Director of Maintenance Office continues to coordinate the delivery of salt from the up-state and central salt domes to upstate SCDOT facilities.

Updates of activities will be reported through SCDOT’s Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The last report for this snow event will be 8AM, January 8, 2017.