Socastee High School beams with pride for Hunter Renfrow

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The halls of Socastee High School were buzzing Tuesday with talk of Hunter Renfrow’s game-winning performance in Tampa Monday night.


“Win a national championship. Game winning touchdown. That’s crazy. It’s awesome,” says former teammate Jacob Necessary. However, it’s who he was off the field that’ll keep students and teachers talking for years to come.

“He is the best athlete I’ve ever seen and the best human being have ever principled,” says Socastee High School principal Dr. Paul Browning. Renfrow’s former P.E. teacher and coach Chris Musser describes him as “the kind of kid that as a parent you hope your children watch. And it wouldn’t hurt your feelings if your kids turned out like he did. As an athlete obviously. But even the type of young man that he is. He’s a fine young man.”

Socastee Head Football Coach Doug Illing says watching he saw the same humility in Renfrow on Monday night that he always saw in him in high school  “Kept looking for him last night on the TV after the game, up on the stage, strutting around like a peacock. But no. He’s going to be back there, behind the scenes, probably sitting on the stage with his back to it all. That’s probably what he was doing when everybody was getting pictures with the trophy.”

Jacob Necessary only played with Renfrow for a year back when he was a freshman, but he says that time has had a lasting impact on him. “Through it all he was always uplifting. Went out of his way to talk to a freshman at the time. He definitely gave me a lot of motivation to go to college.”

Coach Illing says Renfrow hasn’t just inspired football fans. “He’s inspired everybody. Anybody that’s small, undersized, underrated, overlooked has gotta be inspired that I just gotta keep working hard, keep having a dream, keep chasing my dream because I can be like Hunter Renfrow.”