Three New, Local State Representatives Start Work in Columbia

SC Statehouse investigation under way for possible illegal vote swapping (Image 1)

The South Carolina General Assembly went back to work today (1/10) in Columbia and that meant it was the first official day in session for three new state representatives from our area.

Lucas Atkinson is a business consultant from Marion.
He’s a democrat and takes over from Rep. Wayne George (D-Mullins), who stepped down after four years in the House.
Atkinson represents District 57, which covers parts of Marion, Dillon and Horry counties.

Will Wheeler is an attorney from Bishopville.
He’s a democrat and takes over for longtime Rep. Grady Brown (D-Bishopville), who retired last year after 32 years in the House.
represents District 50, which covers Lee, Kershaw and Sumter counties.

And Lee Hewitt is a realtor from Murrells Inlet.
He represents District 108, which covers parts of Georgetown and Charleston counties.
Hewitt’s a republican and takes the seat that Stephen Goldfinch (R-Murrells Inlet) held in the House for four years.

Goldfinch spent his first day today in the Senate, as he won the seat from which Sen. (Dr.) Ray Cleary (R-Murrells Inlet) retired after 12 years.