MLK Day Freedom Rally Weekend events grow in Myrtle Beach

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – This holiday weekend, people across the country and across our area will observe the life and legacy of Martin Luther King.

In Myrtle Beach events are already underway and include the first MLK Film Festival the city has held.

The festival will feature movies on Selma and the Freedom Riders; it is at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center and goes until 11:00pm Friday and from 10:00am until 5:00pm on Saturday.

The new film festival is just part of a growing list of events remembering Dr. King in the city.

Evins Nicholson remembers when observing Dr. King in Myrtle Beach was a bit different

“When this celebration, Freedom Weekend, started 11 years ago it was one hour,” said Nicholson.

Now, celebrations happen all weekend including a parade, talent show, 5K Freedom Run, diversity training, and small business workshops among other events.

“It’s all about everyone having a chance an opportunity, you know, to dream,” said Nicholson, who is chairman for the parade.

A job fair was held on Friday to give young people a better chance to achieve prosperity.

“Opportunity and dreams means seizing the moment and many of us don’t understand that the moment is there for us to seize,” said Nicholson.

One of those looking to seize his moment was Joseph Dowe, who is out of work, but still has big dreams.

“I’m actually trying to start up my own business, Dowes Photography and Video, I’m actually trying to start that up; but as of job wise, no sir I’m not working currently,” said Dowe.

So Dowe walked nearly 3 miles from his home to get his applications in, “just to come to the job fair, because I’m willing to look for another job; or look for a job.”

Nicholson said recognizing and promoting Martin Luther King’s legacy also benefits the entire community in other ways.

“There are businesses that are being effective and used in January, when they normally wouldn’t have people in their hotel rooms,” said Nicholson.

And Nicholson said that Dr. King’s message is just as important today, as when he delivered his speeches.

“We’ve become sort of complacent, with what we have, and knowing that we can get so much more if we would hold our own selves accountable and then we can help those who need it,” said Nicholson.

Click here for events being held throughout the weekend; things cap off Monday with a parade along Ocean Boulevard which starts at 12:15pm.