Safety is a top priority for the MK Gun Show at the Florence Civic Center

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – The MK gun show will be at the Florence Civic Center this weekend. This will be the 1st gun show of the year.

Gun show administrators say safety has been a top priority at the shows for the past 12 years and this year will be no different.

To purchase any of the guns each vendor will perform a background check on the customer which takes about two minutes.

Each vendor is also vetted and must be a Federal Firearm License Dealer. Guns on display have a strap in the chamber to prevent ammo from going inside.

Organizers say they predict people will be interested in new guns debuts.

Mike Kent, President of MK gun show said, “You can pick up the guns. You can ask questions about them. You can hear from experts about what you are actually looking for.  What might be best for you. Whether you are a female or a hunter. Young or old. They can help you pick out what you are interested in.”

The Florence Civic Center policy prohibits bringing guns into the building but if you are interested in trading a gun, you must have it checked before entering the building.

“We make sure it’s unloaded and then you are welcome to walk in with the gun. We are very safety concise. No concealed weapons allowed inside unless we have personally checked them,” Kent explains.

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office says weapons in the hands of law abiding citizens is not the problem it’s when those guns are in the wrong hands that’s what they worry about.

Gun show customers should prepare by understanding the state conceals weapons permit requirements. The process includes a training class which takes about 4 hours and requires hands on range shooting.

Major Mike Nunn, Florence County Sheriff’s Office PIO said, “We certainly want people to be proficient, trained and law abiding when they possess weapons.”

Doors to the MK gun show open Saturday 9am -5pm then Sunday 10am -4pm. General admission is 8 dollars for adults.

If you miss this show, the MK gun show this weekend it will return in April and September.