Georgetown County crews rescue skydiver dangling in tree 50 feet in the air

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ANDREWS, SC (WBTW) – This weekend, several emergency crews worked together to rescue a skydiver trapped in a tree.

A post on the Midway Fire Rescue webpage says Andrews Fire Department received a call around 2:15 p.m. Saturday that a skydiver was dangling in a tree 50 to 60 feet in the air, unable to get free near the Andrews Airport.

On arrival, Andrews Fire Department and Georgetown County Fire/ EMS requested assistance from the Georgetown County Technical Rescue Team to help the uninjured person down from the tree. According to the website, the Georgetown Technical Rescue Team includes units from Midway Fire Rescue, Georgetown County Fire/EMS and Georgetown City Fire Department.

First responders say because access to the site was very limited, the team had to use a 35-foot ground ladder to climb the tree, then a team member worked to reach the skydiver using a rope system. Once the team member made it to the skydiver, a rope was attached to the skydiver and the person was lowered from the tree.

Midway fire says the rescue took a total of twenty-five minutes once equipment was in place.