Indiana resident hangs Trump effigy, neighbors concerned

FORT WAYNE, Ind.  – Neighbors in a historic Fort Wayne neighborhood are growing uncomfortable with a hanging effigy of President Donald Trump that appeared on their street after he was inaugurated.

The large doll is hanging from a tree by a noose and is adorned with a flag of the former Soviet Union.

“It was kind of shocking,” said neighbor Jared Paden. “Honestly, I don’t necessarily like it. I’m not really excited about it being in my neighborhood.”

We’re told the home belongs to an army veteran, but he wouldn’t talk to us Sunday afternoon. Knocks on the door and ringing the doorbell went unanswered.

“I don’t think it’s respectful to Trump and a lot of people that voted for him to be president,” Paden continued. “I don’t think they should do it, but I think it’s their right. They have the right of free speech. So, I’m not going to say they have to take it down, but I wish they would.”

In addition to the doll, several signs adorn the home. One includes vulgar language that is displayed inside a window.

A banner hangs on the home that reads, “Trump is a disgrace to America & makes me ashamed I ever served.”

Other signs indicate the home is secured by alarms, closed circuit television, and loaded guns.

Oakdale Neighborhood President Tom Tiernon issued the following statement: “We’re all for free speech, but we are concerned that a line has been crossed and about what to do next.”

Tiernon said that the neighborhood association is discussing possible actions. He added that the neighborhood is having a home tour in June, and they don’t want the doll hanging from the tree.

City police spokesman Officer Michael Joyner said there is nothing police can do. Joyner said the homeowner is within his right of free speech.