Darlington County deputies operating with expired bulletproof vests

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office is asking the county for money to replace expired bullet proof vests. 

The Darlington County Sheriff’s Office will need more than $32,000 to replace 48 expired body vests, according to documents released to county council.

Darlington County Administrator Charles Stewart says he first heard about the problem in a county council meeting when the sheriff’s office asked for the money.

Darlington County Sheriff Lt. Robert Kilgo says the new vests will best protect deputies for potential lethal threats.

“Sheriff Tony Chavis will ensure that the men and women of the Darlington County Sheriff’s Office are properly equipped and protected as they continue to serve the citizens of Darlington County,” Kilgo added.

The county administrator says council will discuss the body vests at its council meeting next week.

News 13 asked the sheriff’s office for a full inventory of the body armor, but have not heard back. We also asked why officers had expired vests in the first place, the spokesperson chose not to go into details at this time.

Darlington County Council will hold their regular meeting at the Emergency Management Services building Monday at 6 p.m.

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