Court docs reveal disturbing allegations against suspect in Darlington sex assault case

FAYETTEVILLE, NC – Court documents obtained by CBS North Carolina detail disturbing new allegations involving Fayetteville business owner, Michael Lallier.

The 63-year-old is already facing charges of molesting a teenager at a NASCAR event in South Carolina this past September.

According to court documents, a former employee claims he was fired from the dealership after complaining to the dealership’s co-owner about Lallier. The 31-page wrongful termination lawsuit names Lallier and his father-in-law, Gene Reed, who co-owns Fayetteville’s Reed Lallier Chevrolet as plantiffs.

In the document, the former worker claims Lallier demanded sexual relationships with at least seven young male employees. It also states these young men later threatened or filed legal claims against Lallier.

The document also says “In two instances, claimants were paid up to $450,000 to settle sexual misconduct claims.”

CBS North Carolina spoke to one of Lallier’s neighbors, Jim Kizer.

“He’s a prince of a guy, that was the impression that I had,” said Kizer.

The wrongful termination complaint also includes a confidential settlement communication sent to Lallier’s attorney on September 7. In it, attorneys said they’ve been retained to represent four juveniles in regards to conduct and activity involving Lallier.
The Lallier name is a familiar one in Fayetteville.

Lallier served as secretary for the Public Works Commission and for decades, supported various political campaigns throughout the state. He resigned his position as PWC secretary after being charged with molestation in Darlington.

That case is ongoing.

“He’s been very good for the community as far as working for community projects and he’s been a good business man,” Kizer said.