Judge orders some Dylann Roof trial documents unsealed

Dylann Roof, (Charleston County Sheriff's Office via AP)

CHARLESTON, SC  – A judge has ordered dozens of documents and exhibits be unsealed in the Dylann Roof trial.

According to PACER, attorneys were directed to submit briefs by March 27, 2017 on whether several other sealed documents should be unsealed.

The Clerk of Court has been ordered to redact three documents to remove personally identifying information.

Also from order:

“The Government objects that document 479-2 should be kept under seal because it contains crime scene panorama created from photographs of the crime scene that were not admitted at trial… The Court declines the Government’s request to keep document under seal because the depiction of victims may be redacted while preserving all information relevant to the exhibit’s purpose.”

“Document 677-1 is an NCIC criminal history report of a person with the same name as a venireman. The Court orders document 677 to be unsealed; document 677-1, however, will remain sealed. The Court finds the NCIC report is not subject to a First Amendment right of access because criminal history reports of persons who happen to have the same name as a venireman historically have not been made available to the public…”