Americans hate the Patriots, rooting for the Falcons, study says

Bill Belichick
AP image of Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick

CHICOPEE, Mass. – With the Super Bowl just several days away, football fans are coming together to hate on the New England Patriots.

A new study finds that 53% of Americans want the Patriots to lose in Sunday’s big game to the Atlanta Falcons. An analyst for Public Policy Polling, which conducted the study, said people are generally tired of the Patriots always winning.

Lisa Stephens of Paxton told 22News, despite their success, the team has overcome years of obstacles; “They don’t know the hell we’ve been through where we went without a winning season and watched some pretty poor football, so I think they should be happy for us.”

Despite the unfavorable results, the poll found that 52% of fans think the Patriots will take home the Vince Lombardi Trophy on Sunday.