Georgetown Police Department deploys 35 new body cams

Officer Jeremy Freeman is in the picture on the left with his camera attached to his uniform over his name tag. The picture on the right is a close up of the Vista body camera. (Image Source: GPD)

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – The Georgetown Police Department has added 35 new body cameras for officers to use during each shift.

A press release from the department notes that the officer body cams are an effort to be “more transparent to the public,” and were paid for with a combination of money from the budget and grant funds. The Georgetown Police Department deployed 35 WatchGuard Vista Body Cameras, which will be paired with the WatchGuard in-car camera that the department has used for years.

Each officer received their own camera, which will be worn throughout the entirety of each shift. Officers went through a two day training with technicians from WatchGuard Video at the police department to learn about the use, storage, and retrieving video from the cameras.

“The deployment and use of these state of the art cameras will make the department more transparent with their interactions with the public as well as a great tool to make the department better,” says Georgetown Police Chief Kelvin Waites.