Darlington buildings await demolition

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Several buildings have been on a list to be dismantled in the city of Darlington, but only two have come down so far, according to Lisa Chalian-Rock, city planning director.

According to minutes from several council meetings last year, a list of houses and buildings that were set to be demolished has existed for at least a few years. Back in December, council revisited the discussion on what to do about these dilapidated buildings throughout the city.

Council members were reminded that the list of buildings up for demolition had existed, but the company who previously held the contract backed out of the agreement. Some buildings were also taken off that list in recent weeks.

City code says that any contract valued over $5,000 must be bid out to contractors before it is settled upon.

Many who spoke off camera told News 13 that the buildings are eyesores and they would like to see them come down whenever the city can get to it. The discussion was not revisited at the most recent meeting Tuesday evening, likely because the property tax and other revenue needed to pursue such a large contract usually isn’t available until a few months into the year.