Myrtle Beach City Council to discuss performing arts center proposals

Three proposals were made to the Myrtle Beach Performing Arts and Amphitheater Design/Build Selection Committee. The committee chose "Team B." (Image Source: City of Myrtle Beach)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach could be on its way to having a performing arts center and amphitheater. Today the city council will meet and look at presentations of the proposed designs for the facility.

In 2013, Myrtle Beach taxpayers voted on a referendum to increase property taxes to support funds for the performing arts center with a $9.8 million budget.

This center is another step in making Myrtle Beach a more family-friendly environment. Assistant City Manager Ron Andrews said the center is fitting, given the personality of Myrtle Beach.

“The performing arts center is one of those amenities that you find in communities that offer a diverse opportunity for entertainment for its citizens,” said Andrews. 

The cultural arts committee has also been a voice behind the performing arts center and will likely have some input as to what activities the center will host.

After the city council views the presentations today, they will decide which, if any, of the designs they like and then the city manager will move forward with a contract. This process could take close to a month to complete.