2LiveBeyond funds new transitional community for people with intellectual disabilities

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The 2LiveBeyond Initiative, a non-profit organization in Myrtle Beach, plans to support and fund the first Transitional Living and Training Facility in the city; focusing on the care of individuals with autism and other related intellectual disabilities.

Organizers with 2LiveBeyond say the transitional living facility will be a place for people to practice living away from home so they can learn the skills necessary to eventually live on their own.

“Currently in Horry County we do not have a low income facility for individuals with autism or related intellectual disabilities,” Nicolas Maria, Executive Director for 2LiveBeyond says. “The facility, that will be fully funded by the Initiative, will be the first step in bringing awareness to the community about the need for low income housing for these individuals to live a life suitable for them.”

The organization plans to provide $85,000  to fund the facility and help spread the word about the need for transitional housing.

“With this facility we will be able to provide the training, the support and the means for them to live an independent life,” said Maria.

SOS Healthcare plans to run the facility and offer support to caregivers and parents.

“Our children have some difficult needs sometimes and caregivers get very tired and there’s not a lot of breaks for people like us. So part of what we’ll use the house for is respite,” Executive Director of SOS Healthcare Sarah Pope said.

Pope claims the ultimate goal is to build 40 low income group homes over the next of 10 years for people to move into once they have gone through the training program. She says the decision about who will be selected for the homes will be based partly on who receives waiver services from the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs.

Project leaders say work will begin on the first building located on a 20 acre plot along Peachtree Road in Myrtle Beach once the purchase of the land is complete. The expected completion date for the facility is spring of 2018.

SOS Healthcare says they will rely on donations to build the additional homes.