New search effort for missing Darlington County Veteran

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – The search for one Darlington County Veteran continues almost 2 years after he went missing.

Family and friends want Moise James to come home. He went missing April 30, 2015.

Vietnam and Desert Storm Veteran Moise James has been missing for over a year.

His wife of 44 years Patricia James says waking up without him each day is the hardest thing she’s ever had to do.

“Every day I listen for a call. I check to see if anyone called or seen him but I haven’t gotten an answer yet,” She explains. “It’s very, very lonesome. Very heart wrenching.”

James and her two children called the Darlington County Sheriff’s office when her husband did not come home.

“Then I discovered that his bike was gone. I rode around the neighborhood to see if I could find him but I couldn’t,” She said.

Sheriff’s Deputies say James’ bike was found upside down by the Darlington County Airport plane hangar near the woods.

His wife says he had the early stages of dementia but the airport is more than 5 miles away from their home making it very usual for him to be in this area.

“I don’t know what made him come up this way toward Darlington with all of the other ways he could have gone,” she explained.

The Darlington Veteran’s Memorial Chair, Jane Lloyd believes someone knows where he is. She contacted the Sheriff’s Office after she hadn’t heard anything from last year.

“Since we have no idea what happened. We can’t rule anything out but somebody knows something,” Lloyd said. “They have the missing piece. Where they last saw him or something. To give us information to lead to him.”

The Sheriff’s Office does not have new leads but they have searched shelters in North Carolina and Myrtle Beach.

The James family hopes to bring him home.

James said, “I believe that there will be an answer. I’m hoping and praying that he is out there somewhere and someone will let us know that he is alive and well.”

This Saturday the Sheriff’s office will meet here at the Darlington County Airport at 8 in the morning to look for Moise James. If you want to help or have any information about James meet the deputies here to help them search.