North Myrtle Beach Fire Department donates gear to Tennessee

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The North Myrtle Beach Fire Department returned from Tennessee this week after donating some of their unused equipment to a station in need.

Through an organization called Firefighters Friend, LLC, the North Myrtle Beach firefighters toured the damaged areas from the Tennessee wildfires, and they connected with a department that didn’t have all the necessary gear.

The North Myrtle Beach Fire Department said they just received new equipment, allowing them to donate 20 full sets of gear to one of the stations that helped battle the Tennessee wildfires.

It means a lot to us to be able to help, because we have been in situations where we needed help from others,” said North Myrtle Beach Fire Department Chief Garry Spain. 

He said he remembers when the Barefoot community had a large fire and they received support from people across South Carolina and other nearby states.

Fire Chief Matt Lovitt created Firefighters Friend, LLC in Tennessee and said he just wants to make sure all firefighters are as safe as possible on the job.

“We are always looking for donations, and hopefully we can keep firefighters from getting hurt or killed by doing this,” said Lovitt.

His organization serves as the middle ground for departments wanting to donate and departments in need. Lovitt said the department has to fill out an application explaining what they currently have and what they need, and the organization will work to find the necessary equipment for them.