Man stabs self with glass, causes $2,000 in damage after police respond to Margaritaville restaurant


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Police say a man was arrested last weekend after he injured himself and caused over $2,000 worth of damage when he refused to leave a restaurant at Broadway at the Beach.

Online booking records show 31-year-old Emmanuel Germaine Godbolt was booked at 11:20 p.m. Sunday after Myrtle Beach police were called to Margaritaville Restaurant about a disorderly suspect.

A Myrtle Beach police incident report says when officers arrived, the suspect was bleeding from the nose and forehead and waiting to be treated by EMS.

Witnesses described Godbolt to police as acting confused and paranoid Sunday evening. The report also says the suspect had been at the restaurant for about four hours.

A staff member who witnessed the incident says Godbolt approached him during his shift and asked where he could do some “coke.” Next, the suspect held up a bag and asked the same staff member if he wanted him to sell him some “purp.”

Witnesses say they tried to convince the man to leave the restaurant and told him that security was on their way over.

According to police reports, when Godbolt saw the security guards, he tried to get behind the bar, then grabbed a glass cup and broke it on the table. “As security got closer, the offender then started to stab himself with the glass,” the report states.

Security guards told police they received a call about a disorderly suspect who wouldn’t leave the restaurant. When security arrived, they noticed the staff of the restaurant were trying to detain Godbolt. The report says security officers jumped in to assist, and when the suspect broke free, the officer pepper sprayed Godbolt.

When police searched the man, they located a bag of white powder that tested positive for the presence of cocaine, a dollar bill with white powder on it and a small bag of a marijuana.

After Godbolt was released from the hospital, he was charged with disorderly conduct, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine and damage to property, the report says.

The restaurant manager told police they estimated the damage will be over $2,000.