North Myrtle Beach prepares for next heavy rain event

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) The city of North Myrtle Beach is trying to make sure neighborhoods impacted by the 2015 flood, and flooding from hurricane Matthew don’t have as much of an issue next time there’s a heavy downpour.

North Myrtle beach residents say 10th Avenue South is a constant flooding issue and not just during storms and hurricanes. It’s one of more than 20 locations the city plans to improve.

“Any time we have a rain, probably 3,4,5 inches of rain, that water will pond up here,” said North Myrtle Beach resident Ron Berry. “This is all water right here. That’s why the grass don’t grow really good in here you see.”

Ron Berry says flooding is a major issue in his neighborhood on Magnolia Drive in North Myrtle Beach.

“You can’t really get out a whole lot. You have to wait till it goes. And the traffic has to drive real slow through here because there’s water across the road. It might be there a little while.” Berry said.

That’s why his neighborhood is at the top of the city’s list of 22 drainage improvement projects. The projects are spread out throughout North Myrtle Beach, and split into five categories based on the severity of the flooding and how soon the areas need to be fixed.

“City Council along with Public Works and Management decided to prioritize those that impacted the most private residences and businesses, that’s the first category.” Patrick Dowling, North Myrtle Beach spokesperson said.

Pat Dowling says the city expects all of the construction to take about two to three years because projects in four of the five categories will be bid out to contractors, and because the city will need permission from several homeowners to work in their yards.

He says that timeline will also make it easier for the city to pay for the estimated $2 million project.

“You also want to pay as you go with something like this. You don’t want to do a bond issue or a tax increase so you just pay it out over time.” Dowling said.

Berry says he’s optimistic the flooding in his neighborhood will go down after the city completes construction.

“It’ll help it considerably. Because, see how the landscape is coming down. Especially here on this neighbor. The drain is going to help a whole lot.” Berry said.

The city has completed three of the 22 projects on the list, and has drawn up designs for all in the first category. The North Myrtle Beach City Council will be discussing the project during its budget retreat on Tuesday.