Robeson County authorities investigating 15 fires that occurred over weekend

ST. PAULS, NC  — Fire officials in Robeson County are looking for whoever started 15 fires in about 12 hours on Saturday.

From about 1 p.m. to 1 a.m., members of Big Marsh Volunteer Fire Department and St. Pauls City Fire Department, as well as several others regional departments, responded to call after call for fires started along the highways of Robeson County.

Capt. Harvey Inman with Big Marsh Volunteer Fire Department said in total about 180 acres were burned Saturday. He said no new fires were started Sunday, but fires from the day before rekindled and had to be put out. During the process another 10 acres burned.

Inman said other than some abandoned buildings, it was just woods destroyed and no one was hurt. He said they are looking for whoever might have done this.

“Something or someone is causing it. Again, we didn’t see anybody or anything, but they don’t just start on their own. We turned over everything to the chief, we turned everything over to the state forestry service, and we’ve also called the fire marshal and they’re aware of everything with the county,” said Inman.