Residents ‘frustrated’ with crime in Loris, HCPD officers address concerns

LORIS, SC (WBTW) – Officials with the Horry County Police Department held a town hall meeting in Loris on Tuesday night to discuss community concerns.

“We’re going out having these type meetings, going out doing one-on-one meetings with the community, small meetings to listen to their concerns,” said Horry County Police Captain Anthony McCullough.

One concern brought up at the meeting actually came from the police: Lieutenant Greg Hutchins said officers run extremely depleted in the West Precinct.

The precinct makes up about half of Horry County but only five officers cover the area and only two officers are on patrol at one time.

One resident at the meeting said he’s tired of seeing drug deals happening next to his home.

“It’s gotten so bad that I’m thinking about moving my family,” he said. “I’m frustrated.”

Others, like Thomas Reichert, just came to listen to what the police had to say.

“I wanted to learn more about gang members and police protection in the West Precinct,” said Reichert.

Horry County Police recently began these meetings as a way to bring information to the community but also to get information from the community.

“We’re trying to orchestrate this meeting so it will address some of the concerns they’re having,” said Capt. McCullough. “Issues concerning gang issues, violent crimes and crime statistics.”

Reichert said he’s glad the police are taking these steps.

“I thought it was awesome,” he said. “It was a lot of good information.”

Capt. McCullough said it takes one step at a time to fight crime.

“That’s why we’re here,” he added. “We would like the community to know we’re here for them and they can come talk to us. In order to improve this community, it takes the effort from us, the police, and efforts from people who live in the community,” expresses McCullough.

HCPD will hold 16 town hall meetings this year, one per quarter in each of the four precincts.