Misuse of charity boxes draws attention in Florence County

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence County Council deferred a third reading in its last meeting to address the misuse of donation bins.

Florence County Council Vice-Chairman Willard Dorriety says groups are taking advantage of donation bins for profit and putting the money in their own pockets. Dorriety says council has received complaints from business owners about groups who are placing donation bins on their properties without the business owner’s permission.

Under the proposed ordinance, only one box would be allowed per property and it must be approved by the property owner.

Dorriety says the boxes would also have to display the name of the organization that profits from the items.

“We’re trying to eliminate that, that is not what that should be for, if a business wants to let a bin on their location they would like for it to be non-profit so they know the materials that are being donated in those bins are going to a good cause that is needed,” explained Vice-Chairman Dorriety.

Florence County Council plans to study and make more changes in the ordinance before putting it into effect.