Florence School District 4 chooses 3 finalists for Superintendent

Left: Dr. Anderson Middle: Dr. Dingle Right: Dr. Mason

TIMMONSVILLE (WBTW) – Florence School District 4 has named three women as finalists for the position of superintendent of the district.

According to a press release, the three finalists are Dr. Rechel Anderson, Dr. Rosa Dingle and Dr. Fannie Mason.

The South Carolina Department of Education put two of the three Timmonsville schools under a state of emergency one year ago after a decade of low test scores.

Dr. Anderson currently serves as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for the Marion County School District.  She previously worked as a principal in Marion County and as an assistant principal and teacher in Charlotte.

Dr. Dingle is the current director of the Clarendon County alternative school.  She also worked as a principal, assistant principal and teacher is Summerton, also in Clarendon County.

Dr. Mason is director of the exception children program in Scotland County.  She coaches principals to be better leaders and worked as a special education director, principal and administrator in Marlboro and Marion County schools.

Below are the links to each candidates’ full resume.

Left: Dr. Anderson 
Middle: Dr. Dingle
Right: Dr. Mason


Rechel Anderson Resume

Fannie Mason Resume

Rosa Dingle Resume