Discussion can help parents guide children to safer spring break

MYRTLE BEACH, SC – Jon Lewis, the President and Co-owner of ARCpoint Labs of Florence & Myrtle Beach, joined News13 Now at 9 a.m. on Monday to talk about how parents can help their children be safe during spring break.

For many teenagers, especially in high school, spring break is the first time they travel without adult supervision. Unfortunately, sometimes that can lead to poor decisions and unsafe situations. Lewis provided the following tips for parents to prepare their children for unsupervised trips:

  • Be Present and Available – Simply making sure that your children have a line of communication with you and a way to reach out with “code” or “safe” words (when in crowded or embarrassing environments) or other means to let you know they need support can be a huge step towards letting them enjoy spring break safely.
  • Know the Lay of the Land – If your children are traveling outside of the city – or even if they have plans within your hometown – it’s good to discuss the environment, know where law enforcement and other important entities exist.
  • Don’t Leave Drinks Unsupervised – If your college-aged legal child is going to be in situations where drinking is involved, make sure that they don’t leave open drinks unattended.
  • Stranger Danger – On spring break college students are surrounded by strangers, whether they are students from other campuses or locals in a new city. Stay in a pack and stay with those you know.