Florence County first responders administer Narcan to same man twice in 3 days

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence County deputies used lifesaving Narcan to bring back a Johnsonville man who overdosed over the weekend and Johnsonville Rescue EMS says they saved the same mans life Tuesday.

Some people in Johnsonville say the overdose drug is a lifesaver, while others insist it’s an enabler.

Edie Cane became an activist after watching two family members struggle with addiction.

“I’ve been familiar with it. When I found out it was here,  I’m just not one to sit around and do nothing. I want to try to do something,” said Edie Cane.

Many people in the area believe Narcan is a crutch for addicts, but Cane disagrees.

“Most people complain about it and don’t have good things to say about it because they don’t know. They don’t consider heroin addiction or drug addiction a decease. The truth is it is a disease,” said Cane.

Johnsonville Rescue Chief Tom Redmond agrees with Cane and says addiction is an illness.

“People taking drugs…don’t think about what they are doing to their families… as well as their self,” said Chief Tom Redmond with Johnsonville Rescue EMS.

Redmond says the same man given Narcan by Florence County deputies on Saturday was given Narcan three days later by Johnsonville paramedics.

“It’s nothing usual to go a person a second or third time. You would think they would learn when they got the second chance in this case… he’s on his third chance. The next time, we may not get there in time,” Chief Redmond said.

First responders document the calls on EMS charts and also take each patient to the emergency room. If the patient does not comply, they take them to jail.

Redmond says first responders will continue to give Narcan to patients regardless of how many times they have overdosed.

“Our job is to save lives. A lot of people say if I go to him the second time, I wouldn’t push it. In EMS you can’t do that. We are trained to save lives not just let them lay there and die. We are going to give them every effort to survive,” said Redmond.

Officials say the Narcan costs about $65 a  dose.


Edie Cane started the Chose Life Group last year, recently the group began the hosting weekly Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Every Tuesday the group joins at the Johnsonville Community Center on 304 South Hampton Ave. in Johnsonville, SC. For more information call 843- 449- 6262.

Also, the group meets monthly this 1st Monday of each month. The next meeting will be held April 3rd at 438 South Georgetown Hwy. in Johnsonville SC at 6pm.