Lake View, Dillon hold local elections Tuesday

The Town of Lake View and the City of Dillon held elections Tuesday for several official positions.

Voters in the town of Lake View marked their ballots for both the mayor and two seats on the town council.

Tuesday night tallies confirm Matthew Elvington won the Mayor race with 175 votes. The list of mayoral candidates included incumbent Boston Page Jr., Kevin Ammons, and current council member Matthew Elvington.

Tony Hayes and David Kitchens won the two council seats with 127 and 147 votes respectively. Area residents picked between incumbent Layton Townsend Jr., Billy Sanderson, Tony Hayes, Lance Gaddy and David Kitchens for the town council seats.

Residents in Dillon elected Johnny Eller again for the city’s district three city council seat. Candidates included incumbent Eller and Chip Huggins.