Shooting calls result in nuisance case for Myrtle Beach bar

Owners of 3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill say they're not responsible for the violence on the bar's property. (Image Source: News13's Justin Dorsey)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – After more than a dozen calls to police since January 2016, 3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill now has an active nuisance case with the City of Myrtle Beach.

According to Myrtle Beach police reports, since January 2016, authorities have responded to the bar 13 times for multiple incidents. Calls range from drunken and disorderly to shootings as recent as April 2.

A nuisance officer with the Myrtle Beach Police Department is charged with monitoring businesses within the city and analyzing when emergency calls from the same business are creating a problem for officers and the community.

“We have made a request to the business license department, that due to the actions of the business the license be revoked,” confirms Lt. Joey Crosby with the Myrtle Beach Police Department. Lt. Crosby confirms members of the police department and city leaders have met with the business license holder to try to address the issues.

Part-owner of 3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill Thurman Hemingway says he cannot control what people do inside the bar or in the parking lot.

Lt. Crosby, however, says any business that has an active nuisance case must develop a safety plan. The owner must present a plan in writing the depicts what employees will do or change to not only prevent violence or wrong-doing, but also how they will respond when those actions occur.

“You cannot control any individuals’ actions,” said Hemingway. “If they are able to shut it down, there are alternatives, but I cannot speak on them, but there are some in progress.”

At this time the request to deem 3rd Avenue Sports Bar & Grill a nuisance is under review in the City of Myrtle Beach Business License Department. Until a final decision is made, the bar remain open.

Lt. Crosby says no arrests have been made in the April 2 shooting at the bar.