Gov. Cooper visits Robeson County to support flooded communities

Governor Roy Cooper addressing the crowd gathered to hear him Tuesday night in Lumberton

LUMBERTON, NC (WBTW) – Governor Roy Cooper has only been in office for a few months, and he spent Tuesday in Robeson County, his first visit to the area since being elected.

Gov. Cooper wanted to make sure Robeson County leaders, as well as citizens, know that state government will have their backs.

“They’re strong people in Robeson County,” Cooper notes. “I wanted to be here to support them today.”

The Governor is from eastern North Carolina, and feels a personal tie to places like Robeson County and the people who live there.

“Robeson County’s always been a special place for me, and clearly a county that was working to move forward but was facing many challenges,” the Cooper says.

Challenges only made more difficult to overcome when Hurricane Matthew ripped through homes, business, and schools six months ago.

“People forget that there are thousands and thousands of people trying to recover and get back on their feet,” Cooper explains.

The state leader’s visit to Robeson County Tuesday was meant to show his support and tell the people there they aren’t forgotten.

“To let them know that we’re working hard to get money from both Congress and the state legislature to help with housing, to help with education, to help with small business and farming,” Cooper reassures.

Cooper also mentioned several initiatives moving through both state and federal legislatures to try and speed relief to Robeson County.

“Robeson County put forth a proposal where they need $98 million to put them back on their feet,” said Cooper. “So we’re gonna do everything we can to help them.”

Governor Cooper now heads back to Raleigh, where he said he hopes to hurry state legislators along to get Robeson County and its people back to normal.