Drivers find higher gas prices this Easter; experts say they’ll continue to rise

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Thousands of drivers in the Carolina’s are hitting the road to meet friends and family for Easter weekend; and they’ll also be greeted by higher prices at the pump.

Gas prices are on the rise nationwide, in fact we’re seeing the highest prices in last 19 months.  The good news is South Carolina’s are the lowest in the country; the bad news is you can expect pump prices to keep going up.

“$2.30 is definitely a possibility.  We’ve seen prices go up anywhere from 5 to 10 cents overnight,” said AAA spokesperson Tiffany Wright.

Right now the average gallon of gas is $2.14 in South Carolina which is up from last week, last month, and 25 cents higher than last year; and AAA says get used to paying more at the pump.

April kicks off the switch over to more expensive summer-blend gasoline and more drivers are hitting the road as temperatures rise.

“It’s safe to say that, yes, we are on the upward trend,” said Wright, who added that it’s the amount of drivers fueling up, that will determine how far that trend continues.

“If we’re hitting the road more than ever this summer, these coming weeks, even this holiday weekend, that’s going to dictate how high we’re going to go, it’s a supply and demand deal,” explained Wright.

Todd Scherow, assistant manager at Turtle Market, says the rising prices haven’t put a damper on demand, especially with Easter around the corner.

“Past couple days people been coming in filling up campers, boats, cars, vans,” said Wright.

Though to cut down on costs, he says some drivers save up on fuels perks when a trip is on the horizon.

“During the holidays a lot as well, they’ll try to save them up depending on when they shop they’ll try to save them up before they go on vacation or they travel.  We have people that come in here and get 20 gallons of gas for 30 cents,” said Scherow.

AAA says the price of gas has a major impact on the amount of travelers hitting the road, which can then have an impact on tourist destinations like the Grand Strand; so count on News13 to keep you covered.