Protesters march through Market Common, demanding President Trump’s taxes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Dozens of protesters gathered at the Market Common on Saturday to demand that President Trump to release his tax returns.

They marched through Valor Park, pushing for greater transparency from the White House. Demonstrators said its time for the president to make good on promises he made on the campaign trail to release his tax information. The Tax Rally was one of more than 100 demonstrations that took place across the country on Saturday. Those who attended said they can’t begin to trust President Trump until he makes his tax returns public. “We don’t feel like there’s any transparency if we don’t see his tax returns. It’s like he’s got something to hide and he’s going to be doing tax reform. He says no one cares about his taxes. Well, we do care,” said Joann Fahey.

Several local political and religious leaders also spoke at the rally, including former state congressional candidates and Coastal Carolina University students.