Myrtle Beach police say entire community needs to work to solve gun violence

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach Police responded to five shootings in the city since Saturday.  Police also responded to a sixth call on Wednesday afternoon where a weapon was fired, but not at a person.

“It’s kind of scary because if you send your child you don’t know if your child will come home or not,” said Dana Peoples, who vacations with her family to Myrtle Beach a few times each year.

Peoples says she used to stay out at night without any worries, “being out one or two in the morning, but now I won’t do it.   I just feel a certain type of way now because not only am I putting myself in danger, it’s putting the kids in danger.”

“It lets me know I’ve got to take more caution,” added Andre Peoples.

The Peoples’ say they’re glad surveillance cameras are up in the city and think it may help deter crime.

“I think that with the surveillance it will keep a lot of people that shouldn’t be here out, the ones that are here to do things that their not supposed to do,” said Peoples.

Myrtle Beach Police say while the cameras are an important tool in their arsenal, it’s not the only tool they need.

“That’s why we go back to building those relationships and having everyone involved to help us with these investigations,” said Lt. Joey Crosby.

Lt. Crosby says that’s why if you see something, it’s important to say something.  “We’ve always encouraged individuals to share that information with us,” said Crosby.

Right now the Myrtle Beach Police are in the midst of hiring 10 new police officers to help fill 12 vacant positions.

But Lt. Crosby explained that won’t make a difference immediately, “these individuals that are hired in the coming months, they will not be available or on the road for approximately one year.”

He added that no matter how many officers are on the road, police rely on everyone in their efforts against gun violence, “that is a collaborative effort with police officers, and the business community and the community as a whole.”

So far no arrests have been made in the recent shootings.