Organizers of Positive Vibes Only to host free cookout in Dillon on May 19

DILLON, SC – Several residents and former residents of Dillon are organizing a community cookout to bring residents together in a fun, and positive way.  Organizer Larry Johnson is originally from Dillon, but now lives in New York.  He will be traveling back to his hometown on Friday, May 19th to host this event along with several others who still live in Dillon.  He tells News13 he wants to bring the community together and highlight the good things about his hometown.  He said, “I been through a lot myself coming up so I think doing this cookout will show our younger generation the right way to go.”

The free cookout will be held at Riverdale Park on Vanderhall Road in Dillon.  It starts at 4:30 pm.  It includes free food, music, games, prizes, and a whole lot more.

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