SCHP expands aggressive driving campaign in Horry County

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Thursday the SC Highway Patrol expanded its Stop Aggressive Driving campaign in Horry County.
Over the next three days, law enforcement will focus on speeding, and drivers who change lanes unlawfully or follow too closely.


“If we can get out here a little bit ahead of the game and let them know there is going to be a larger police presence prior to bike week, maybe the message gets out a little bit beforehand and people realize, hey, let’s come down here, let’s have a good time, it is Myrtle Beach and it is where everyone wants to go.  But on the flip side of that, everyone needs to be safe and patient.  I always tell people to pack your patience,” said Captain Gill Owens.

Law enforcement says they plan to give certain roads extra attention.

“Hot spots here in Horry County, as you can imagine, are US 17 and US 501.  That is the major two target roads in this area, however, we do realize there are a lot of feeder roads that feed in between those two major roads that those guys are allowed to get off and work those roads too.  But we’re primarily focused on US 17 and US 501,” said Captain Owens.