Kidsfest kicks off in Darlington, to promote unity

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Saturday in Darlington kid fest kicked off, it is an event where two churches of different majority races came together to enjoy a day together.
The coming together was inspired by the events of the Charleston shooting in 2015, where one young white male open fired on a black church.
Round o, and Cornerstone Baptist churches have come together to spark unity among the area, in what they are calling kids fest.
“Children are the greatest example of how not to see skin color, when they come here they don’t care if you are blue purple red, orange. The only thing they care about if you are my friend. They only learn hatred and racism from those who teach it,” said Pastor Jones, of Round O.
For both Round O , and Cornerstone church ,they know that years of race tension cannot be ended in one day ,but are determined to help it in their communities.
“And so here we are black people, white people working together no one has an agenda here is our only purpose today that is the show the world that we love one another and hopefully they can be inspired by the love that they see and eyes to go and love on someone else,” Jones added.