RIDE III sales tax goes into effect in Horry County on Monday

Ride III Penny Sales Tax goes in effect in Horry County on Monday May 1st, 2017

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Voters passed a referendum to raise the sales tax in Horry County last year, and on Monday May 1st, the tax goes into effect.

In November 2016, Horry County voters approved RIDE III by a margin of 69% to 31%.  The referendum will add a 1% sales tax to improve local roads.

The RIDE III project list includes improvements on 15 roads and construction projects throughout Horry County.

The tax will affect retail sales, prepared food and beverages and accommodations. Groceries, fuel and prescription medications are exempt from the tax.

The Capital Project Tax is in addition to the current state and local option sales tax rate.

The projected revenue from the tax is an estimated $592 million, which will be collected by the county over the next eight years.

All RIDE III project funding must be approved through the RIDE III Commission and Horry County Council.

For more information and an interactive map of road projects, visit www.horrycounty.org/Council/RideThree.aspx.