City Council tables decision to cut Ocean Boulevard to 2 lanes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach city leaders have proposed changing five blocks of Ocean Boulevard from four lanes to two lanes of traffic as a way to help cut down on crime.

City officials suggested changing the area between 9th and 14th Avenues to a two-lane roadway with a center turn lane.

Council brought up the idea last week after several shootings.

Business leaders voiced their opinion today, saying changing the roads would only lead to more traffic congestion. Even some council members said the focus should be on adding police, not changing roadways.

“Back in the old days, you ride down the boulevard, you saw policemen on their feet everywhere. That presence has to be there in order to maintain law and order where we think it should be. Until that’s done, we’re not looking to make any changes on the lanes,” said Mayor John Rhodes.

City council ultimately decided to leave the lanes as they are for now, but they’ll re-visit the idea this summer.