Surfside Beach addresses ‘concerns’ about yard sales

Surfside Beach

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Members on the Surfside Beach Planning Commission are looking for ways to regulate yard sales.

Director of Planning, Building and Zoning, Sabrina Morris, said they need to address the issue now. She said there have been times where more than a dozen people call to complain about a yard sale.

The complaints typically regard the sale of vehicles or bulk items being sold as a commercial enterprise in the neighborhoods. In a discussion paper, Morris said the “sales cause concern from the neighborhood of a commercial enterprise invading residential neighborhoods.”

At a meeting on Tuesday, members discussed requiring a permit to hold a yard sale but they decided against the idea. However, most did agree to require residents to put away all items by sundown.

Members of the Planning Commission also said they would have to find a way to educate the public because a violation of a zoning ordinance could result in a misdemeanor.

The meeting was just for discussion and no decisions were made. The Planning Commission plans to hold a public workshop on the proposed ordinance before bringing a finalized version to town council.