A family balancing act passed down through generations

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Before the clash of a pirate’s steel sword or the splash of a diving swashbuckler, the crowds at Pirate’s Voyage Dinner and Show start their journey at the Pre-Show.

The High Notes of the High Seas give way to eye catching acts. The man performing that Pre-Show finale is Eros Espana.

“Being a performer naturally you feed on people’s reactions and crowds,” Espana said.

Some people may say having a family is a balancing act. For Eros, balancing on the rolla ball is family.

From grandfather to father and then father to son.

“Watching my dad do all the things that he did I said you know I want to be like my dad,” Espana said.

A young child looking up at a skill now passed down.

“For me he was the coolest person and still is the coolest person in the world,” Espana said.

Show business was life for him as a child. He went to school on the road and after graduation even tried to get a quote un quote real job in landscaping.

“It wasn’t me, It wasn’t in my blood,” Espana said.

Every great performer has a moment they will never forget. For Eros that came years ago while doing a similar act but in a different show. He was setting up the final moment You see right before that exclamation point though, it all went south.

“I get up there it was a bad entrance and I was off center,” Espana said remembering the moment. “I lost my balance and fell backwards, boom boom boom fall off the table.”

Tumbling to the ground the family tree of talent kicked in. His dad had taught him to put up his hands like a gymnast. The balancing man rolled out of disaster and into perfect recovery.

“I got up and brushed it off. I yelled really loud if they wanted to see me do it one more time,” Espana said.

The show was back on towards the now flawless culmination.

“It’s the feeling you get of reward, doing a good job, people happy for you.”

It’s that joy he says he loves as part of a job and skill passed down,,, Show time is what this man always finds a way to balance perfectly.

“People have bad days and they come and see this show where we are and they’re cheerful and they leave happy and that’s a gift,” Espana said.