Habitat for Humanity dedicates home damaged by Hurricane Matthew

NICHOLS, SC (WBTW) – Habitat for Humanity of Marion County dedicated a restored home from Hurricane Matthew, Saturday afternoon.

Juanita Flemming was just 2 weeks away from moving into her Habitat for Humanity home when Hurricane Matthew hit the town of Nichols in 2016 . The flood destroyed the majority of the town including the interior of the Flemmings’ home, leaving the house to be completely stripped and needing to be re-done. 

“I was ready to get in but when the flood came, which was gods work I had a setback until now and is still blessing it was a blessing from day one and it still one but when I got here I just looked at the house and I said oh Lord my house, ” says Flemming.

The team responsible for building the home knew they were faced with a major setback because of the storm and did not want to delay to much.  Volunteers help complete the restoration.

“Naturally we wanted to be as quick as we could, but we never said any kind of time schedule because I didn’t want to set dates and for her to be disappointed,” says Ricky Hardee, Exec. Director for Habitat for Humanity of Marion County.

“It reassured me that we  have good people in America , college students that give up their winter break, and their spring break to come and help families that need help,” he added.

For Fleming, Saturday was a sweet moment, but she never forgets what helped her make it through.

  “Just put it in gods hands, that’s all you can do put it in his hands. I did that the whole time for two years I put it in gods hands and here is my blessing,” added Flemming.