Lawsuit filed against Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department for 2015 traffic stop

Georgetown County Sheriff's Office

GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – A woman who claims she was victim of a 2015 traffic stop by a deputy of the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office has filed a lawsuit against the county and the officer involved.

A press release from the Curry Law Firm who is representing the woman says Brandi Barnett is suing for negligent training and hiring and civil assault and battery after Officer Chris Geno smashed the windows of her car “in an attempt to physically remove her without any probable cause or justification.” The traffic stop on April 22, 2015 was captured on the officer’s dash cam, the release adds.

The press release also says attorneys believe the officer has been involved in similar incidents in the past and has been named in another civil lawsuit against the sheriff’s office. The lawsuit also alleges the defendant “has continued to be promoted and awarded for what they believe are aggressive policing tactics that run afoul of constitutional protections and departmental policies.”

“What occurred on April 22, 2015 was extremely unfortunate. We intend to provide full representation for Ms. Barnett and we look forward to advising her and her family through this unfortunate chapter of their lives,” says a statement from the law firm. “No citizen in America deserves the unkind and senseless treatment that Ms. Barnett received. It was negligible at best and malicious at worst.”