Town of Hartsville begins its 10 year plan

HARTSVILLE, SC (WBTW)- The Town of Hartsville is now working on their ten year comprehensive plan for 2030 and adding to their master city plan.

Hartsville’s downtown area has been the center of the town’s major growth the last couple of years. Various things have happened in the previous plan including downtown revitalization and new restaurants and store fronts.

“We did not just sit still on 2020 in the planning process,” said Curtis Lee, with the Hartsville Planning Commission. “We need to change, we need to adjust.”

The plan also includes more private investment with things like the executive suites and hotel development; something residents and business owners alike have noticed and appreciated.

“I moved here five years ago from Florida, and it definitely is completely different than it was when I first got here. This entire downtown area has just been completely revitalized and I was excited to become a part of it really whenever I started seeing everything pop up,” said owner of Coast on Carolina, Johanna Byrd. “When I saw the new hotel, it just kind of gave me a push to do with my dream, which is open the store.”