Murder charge dropped against man in stabbing death of Bennettsville woman

All charges against Dwayne Jermaine Bright, 36, of Bennettsville have been dropped.

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – The murder charge against a man accused of killing a Bennettsville woman have been dropped, according to SLED.

According to a press release from South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, all charges against Dwayne Jermaine Bright, 36, of Bennettsville, were dropped Friday. The release from SLED states Marlboro County Sheriff Charles Lemon confirms multiple law enforcement agencies continue to investigate the stabbing death of Ella Lowery, found deceased in her home May 5, and continue their search for Ella Lowery’s missing daughter, Iyana.

“Information developed in the ongoing investigation led to the decision to release Mr. Bright from custody,” Sheriff Lemon said. “As our work in this case is ongoing and very active, it would be inappropriate to discuss specific details at this time. We are still focusing on finding Iyana Lowery. Anyone with any knowledge of what has happened to his missing little girl should let us know.”

Bright was arrested by Marlboro County deputies Saturday, just one day after Ella Lowery’s body was discovered inside her Bennettsville home on Craig Circle. Sheriff Lemon did not explain what evidence led to Bright’s arrest, only that Bright was charged with murder and possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime. Both charges are now dropped.

News13 spoke with Bright’s family on Tuesday. Bright’s cousin, Theadore Douglas, said in that interview that Bright wouldn’t hurt anyone and not having access to transportation would have made it nearly impossible for Bright to commit the crime.

“It just don’t add up for what they got him for,” claims Douglas. “He don’t have any transportation at all to go back and forth to this lady’s house. I don’t think he had nothing to do with the murder.”

Douglas also said he believes when officer find the real killer, they’ll also find Iyana Lowery, who has now been missing for seven days.

“I think they’ll find the killer with that little girl,” predicts Douglas. “I think if he wasn’t intending to kill the little girl, he would have taken her with him.”

It was discovered that 8-year-old Iyana was missing when deputies found Ella Lowery’s body. Sheriff Lemon said he believes Iyana was at the home when her mother was killed, but after a week of searching, law enforcement has still not located the missing little girl.

Anyone who wishes to offer information related to the murder of Ella Lowery or the disappearance of Iyana Lowery can call the Marlboro County Sheriff’s Office at 843-479-5606.