Police search for man accused of leaving dog in Myrtle Beach storage unit

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach police are searching for a man wanted for mistreatment of animals.

Myrtle Beach police say 52-year-old Paul Anthony Hause Sr. also goes by the name Anthony Hause or Tony Hause.

Hause is accused of leaving a dog in a storage unit, according to an incident report from police. Myrtle Beach officers were called to a rental storage facility at 1375 Enterprise Avenue on April 27. The caller told police they were evicting the storage unit when he was told by court order to check what was inside the unit.

Before entering the unit, other people noticed a foul smell and reportedly saw a dog being taken into the unit a few days ago. Once police arrived, the caller opened the unit and officers saw a medium-size white and black dog sitting on a pile of cords barking and growling.

“The floor was covered with feces and dirt. The dog was covered in filth and bugs. Even though there was food, it looked old. Once we got him outside, he was having trouble walking and seemed like his back legs were not working,” the report stated.

The animal was taken to a shelter for treatment, police say.

Anyone with information on Hause is asked to contact police at 843-918-1382.