McLeod children’s hospital hosts asthma camp

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Saturday at McLeod children’s hospital ,a free asthma camp for children who suffer from asthma was hosted.

During the camp, children got the chance to learn how to manage their asthma through fun games.

Game stations demonstrated lung anatomy,  as well as asthma medication and proper usage. They were also taught the importance of asthma control during activities such as sports.

“Here at McLeaoud health of course we see children who are sick with their asthma hospital at the hospital, and we try to educate them then but it’s not always the best time to learn about your child asthma,” said respiratory therapist, Ann Bochette.

The camp also hosted a parent education session focusing on asthma basics, symptom recognition, trigger avoidance, proper medication administration, and the asthma action plan.

“Bringing the community in and teaching them about the child’s asthma. Here at the camp hopefully will prevent them from having to come to the hospital,” Bochette added.