Florence district one athletes honored

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Saturday at the Florence county club 6 male and female athletes were honored at the 17th Annual Florence School District One Athlete of the Year Recognition Program at the Florence Country Club.

They are the top athletes out of Over 5,000 different students. Nominated by their high schools and local sports editors, the honorees included:  South Florence, Kiersten Camlin and Darrell Brown; West Florence, Caroline Spence and James Haynes; Wilson, Bryanna Goodson and Blake Walker.

“I am feeling great there was great competition, both of the guys easily deserved it just as much as I did but they chose me so I’m thankful,” said Winner Darrell Brown.

Nominated by their schools and coaches and meeting the requirements. The criteria includes being a multi sport athlete , and be successful in their sport and in their academics.
West Florence high school also was awarded an all sports trophy at the banquet.


 “it’s a great honor especially since on the first swimmer from West Florence to be nominated or to win this award so I’m glad that swimming is getting some press for once but it’s just a big on her representing West Florence and going on to the University of South Carolina,” said winner Caroline Spence.

The winners of the awards are Darrell Brown and Caroline Spence.