Marriage in the fast lane. Couple runs “The Track” together in MB

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) For many people work life and family life are two completely different things. That’s not the case for the Kearney family.  Travis and Christy run “The Track” a new go-kart and arcade experience in Myrtle Beach.

A trip to “The Track” is not just about a pedal to the floor or the acceleration through that three story climb.

The inside pass on the outside race or a perfectly placed arcade adventure leading to tons of tickets exchanged for a plenty of prizes.

“Myrtle Beach just has this great tradition of family entertainment,” Christy said. “That’s what our mission is about, families making memories.”

Two people, one couple. A husband and wife team in life and in business.

“The best part about working with my wife is even though you are busy still being able to spend time and see her,” Travis said. “We can take lunch together.”

Travis and Christy helped bring “The Track” and that elevated experience to the Grand Strand.

“We go home talking about marketing plans and talking about how we are going to make things better and about customer service and training,” Christy said.

They say the key to mixing marriage and career is communicating and finding a way to separate out time dedicated to things away from the job.

“I think it’s really important that there are boundaries,” Christy said. “We have a two year old son that we say hey we are going to go down to Second Cup Coffee and grab a cup of coffee and we’re just going to sit and chill and have fun.”

“You still have to find that balance,” Travis added. “Without that balance it doesn’t work.”

As the cars go whizzing by they do so with moms and dads, brothers and sisters.

Success for the Kearney family is seeing those other families buckled up, ready to make memories and knowing it was their family that helped make it happen.

“Accomplishing something together,” Christy said of her favorite part of working with her husband. “I’m so proud of the park and I’m so proud of the work he does and the work that I do with him. To be able to do something that you’re really excited about and really believe in and again goes back to those family values that this park is about. To be able to do that together is a really exciting thing and I don’t think it’s common.”

The Kearney’s are celebrating 17 years of marriage this month. Travis actually started working for the company when he was 17 years old and in high school. He has gone from running those go-karts up to where he is now as the General Manager.

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