HCPD officer recounts ‘special delivery’ after child calls 911 for pizza

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – You may remember earlier this week News13 reported the story of a little girl  who called 911 for some cheese sticks.

Wednesday, the Horry County Police Officer who responded to the call spoke to News13.

The department got the call on Saturday. Patrol officer Deneane Pennington responded and actually bought a pizza for the little girl, but she also passed along a little bit of advice.

“I said, ‘I got you this because you were honest.  And, even though you were nervous because the police were standing at your door, you still told the truth.  So, this is what you get for telling the truth.  You cannot call 911 for personal needs anymore.’  And she understood,” said Deneane Pennington, Horry County Police Department Patrol Officer.

The little girl lives with her grandmother who actually had officer Pennington pretend to arrest her, before the officer surprised the child with the pizza.