VIDEO: Garden City Pier view shows sharks close to shore

Sharks swim close to shore near Garden City Pier. (Image Source: Screen shot of video from Cody Kinzer)

GARDEN CITY BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A video taken from the Garden City Pier has gotten nearly 2 million views on Facebook and tens of thousands of shares.

While it’s not breaking news that sharks live in the ocean, a video posted by Cody Kinzer of King, NC, shows just how close a group of sharks got to the shore Tuesday afternoon. (Video above used with permission from Cody Kinzer)

Kinzer shot the video from the Garden City Pier while visiting the area. The video shows two sharks swimming together, and brushing against the shoreline where beachgoers appear to be watching the sharks swim by.

A group of three sharks can be seen swimming under the pier near the end of the video.

Reactions to the video on Facebook differ. Some Facebook users commenting with, “…sharks…in the ocean…weird,” while others say videos like this are “why I don’t go in that water!”

The video gives a cool perspective that beachgoers may miss from the sand. As Kinzer says, “It was awesome to watch!”