Myrtle Beach Bike Week brings friends together

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WBTW) The sound of motorcycles in a familiar tune on the Grand Strand in May.

“It’s freedom, I’m rollin’. I’ve got the wind in my hair and i’m headed on down the road,” A biker who says he goes by Jonesy said as he ran his hand across his perfectly smooth bald head.

The South Carolina man says he’s been riding for over 50 years.  In fact I passed him on the road just before he stopped to take in the sights of Myrtle Beach Bike Week.

Look down at that ankle though, it’s a broken ankle at that. It’s what drew me to him.

“Februrary it warmed up and I was heartbroken. Yeah, couldn’t go,” Jonesy said about the early part of his injury recovery.

It hasn’t stopped him now though. This is one of the few breaks he had from riding during the day.

“He falls over once in awhile,” his friend Harry Morgan teases. “He was actually putting curtains up when that happened.”

“He’s the brother I never had, I’m the brother he never wanted,” Jonesy added.

Through the many states and even more miles, the two friends say it is just that, the friendship that keeps them riding along.”

“To feel good, to feel free. I enjoy it,” Morgan said. “I’ve been doing it since I was six years old. I’m 60, you just have a good time, you meet a lot of nice people.”

It’s a bond that grows deeper with each rolling throttle even if that boot makes it just a bit harder to keep up.